Tobi Morris

Growing up in Casper, Wyoming, Tobi knew she wanted to be a fiddle player by age 9. This Five time State Fiddle Champion taught herself to play by listening to recordings of her favorite artists. Her parents took her to contests all across Wyoming and family vacations were trips to contests all over the country. Summers were usually spent in Texas, where she was heavily influenced by Texas style fiddling.

Tobi graduated from the University of Wyoming, became an Educator and taught public school in Wyoming. It was at the University of Wyoming where she played with the symphony orchestra. Here she developed the concept of 'the penguin with the purple bowtie' (ask her to explain). While in college, she worked by filling in for various bands, often at a moment's notice, whenever they needed a fiddle player.

Many people have influenced Tobi's music, beginning with her grandfather who only played when he thought no one was around to listen. Other influences include Terry Morris, Orville Burns, Wes Westmoreland III and Bill Long.

Tobi always had a passion and desire to share her musical knowledge through teaching. At age 13 she began teaching the violin players in the Middle School Orchestra how to fiddle and taught friends and neighbors how to play. Tobi taught Justin Williamson, who plays fiddle for Brad Paisley's Band, as well as numerous national and state fiddle champions. She currently teaches students of all ages, online, via telephone and in person, through dtmorris in Boyd, Texas with her husband, Dale. Her favorite student is their 10-year-old daughter, Abby Morris.

Phone: 940-433-5741